Installing Debian 9.5 as VMWare VM

  1. Create a new VM with Debian 9.5 support image
  2. Boot with Debian ISO mounted image
  3. Choose Graphic install image
  4. Choose Country image
  5. Choose Keyboard Type image
  6. Wait for its loading image
  7. Enter Hostname image
  8. Configure Domain (Can be blank) image
  9. Enter Root Password image
  10. Create user if needed image
  11. Enter new user Password image
  12. Choose Clock image
  13. Select Partitions image
  14. Continue with Guided Setup image
  15. Select “All files in 1 Partitions” image
  16. Confirm Partitioning (Choose YES) imageimage
  17. Wait
  18. Use Network Mirror to install network updates as well image
  19. Choose the closet / fastest mirror location image
  20. Choose Mirror image
  21. Type Proxy if needed image
  22. Choose No if you do not want to supply statistics to developers image
  23. Select Environment if needed image
  24. Choose Bootloader image
  25. Choose Bootloader installation path image
  26. Leave Blank image
  27. Complete Installation image

Done and booted into freshly Installed OS! :slight_smile:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools