[Linux 101] 安裝Centos 7 伺服器

  1. 先到 https://www.centos.org/download/ 下載所需鏡像,建議使用 minimal,因配置會最快速。 image

  2. 使用鏡像檔啟動電腦 (此處使用VMWare Vsphere 及 ESXi 作示範) –

  1. Create New Virtual Machine. Choose Custom image
  2. Enter preferred name. image
  3. Choose preferred data store for VM storage. image
  4. Choose any VM hardware version supported by your ESXi (Recommend version 9 or higher for CentOS 7). image
  5. Choose Linux, then "CentOS 4/5/6/7 (64-bit). image
  6. Choose vCPU number (recommend to have at least 2 cores). image
  7. Choose Memory (recommend: 2 GB or more). image
  8. Choose NIC (recommend E1000). Although VMXNET 3 is better, no driver comes with CentOS minimal image
  9. Use default option for SCSI controller. image
  10. Use any of the current vDIsk or create new vDisk for the storage. image
  11. (Creation of new vDisk is selected for this example.) Continue with Disk Size and Data Store selection for this vDIsk. image
  12. Leave it as the default option. image
  13. Ready to Create VM! image
  14. Mount the right ISO for to boot the VM. image
  1. Choose Install CentOS Linux 7 (or you can also check the installation media to verify the ISO). image
  2. Choose preferred language. image
  3. Feel free to select any option here that fits your needs! image
  4. Choose the disk you want to install CentOS on - be aware re-partition may be needed and your DATA will be gone! image
  5. Configure Network settings here if needed. image
  6. Click Begin Installation when ready. image
  7. Set root password and another user besides root during installation. image
  8. Done! Reboot and start to play!image